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Yue kiln Celadon Collection

With a long and influential history, Yue kiln celadon is much appreciated and favoured, characterised by its thin bones, even glaze, greenish-blue glaze and crystal-clear lustre, like the tranquil water of a lake. This porcelain is known as the ''secret colour porcelain''. 

The porcelain has a fine texture with glazed surfaces of lively greenish-blue hue like jade, rich with the classical aesthetics of ancient artifacts yet modern in simple forms. The thin transparent glaze covers the surface while handmade embossing adds artistic charm.

The pale glaze and fine porcelain texture give it a lustrous jade-like appearance. The porcelain body gives off a subtle glow and has a smooth, delicate texture. The overall coloring of the patterns is simple and refined yet unrestrained, combining ease with substance. From any angle, there is a sense of natural beauty and harmony between handcrafted objects and their inherent aesthetics -- simple yet eye-catching, elegant and refined.

14 products
14 products